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At the completion of almost all residential construction, after the soil has been disturbed digging foundations, and compacted through the use of heavy equipment, the lawn area is leveled and graded. A layer of green, healthy sod is placed on top. This looks great for a couple of years, but eventually drainage areas become problems, de-thatching and aeration are a yearly ritual, grubs move in and destroy entire patches of grass. Moles follow, feasting on the grubs… You can apply pesticides and eliminate the grubs temporarily, but the root of the issue will still be there. The grass is planted on dead, compressed soil and practically hanging on for dear life.

Ag-Grow Teas creates the highest quality teas specific for your lawn and landscaping needs. Specific brews are created based on your property’s needs, which can be evaluated by our independent testing lab, or though on-site evaluation by one of our trained employees. Subsequent applications can help control grubs, moles, and pest areas naturally. The treatments also help to improve soil structure, thatch build-up, and drainage.

Most clients are surprised by the health and vigor of their lawns and landscaping within days of a tea application. The teas are totally safe for human, pets, and the environment. No harsh smells, no toxic chemicals, and no more signs warning neighbors to keep off the grass…

Ag-Grow Teas is equipped to treat even the largest lawns and landscaping jobs. Applications can be scheduled throughout the growing season with adjustments made as needed, based on soil tests and plant health. And if you’re not ready to give up your traditional lawn care regimen, Ag-Grow teas can be used in conjunction with any other lawn care treatments you currently use, and may allow you to reduce or eliminate toxic chemical treatments, fertilizers, de-thatching, and aerating procedures. Healthier soil… better results.

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