How it Works


Tlactobacillus-R11_bighe microscopic living organisms in Ag-Grow Teas will unlock fertilizers and nutrients that have been trapped in the soil, as your plants require them. Over time, many growers experience less need for fertilizers and pesticides. Independent applications of fertilizers will be held in the living soil food web instead of washing out after the next heavy rain. No more nutrient loading in ponds and waterways that occur with heavy fertilizer use. Pesticide use can be reduced by the natural balance of microbes that occurs after tea applications. There will now be a natural army of microbes to successfully control invading pathogens and pest larvae. No matter what type of growing technique you use (organic, miracle-growers, crop rotation, no-till, soil-less hydro-gardens, or chemical-based pesticide/fertilizers) the microbes in Ag-Grow Teas will go to work for you and your plants…




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