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Growing food and produce at home has become a great hobby for many, and a means to help supplement food costs for many others. Home gardeners are trying to grow the best quality and most nutritious foods in their own backyards. When Ag-Grow Teas are applied to your garden beds and watered into your container gardens, you will notice increased vigor and health in your plants, making them more disease and pest resistant. Nutrients are made available to the plants through the microbial action of Ag-Grow Teas in the soil and when sprayed on the leaf surfaces. Higher yields can be expected and you’ll experience less worry about chemical pesticides and residues. Ag-Grow Tea treatments help to reduce common garden outbreaks like blight, rusts, and molds. The microbes in the soil also help to control larvae of pests before they hatch and take over your garden rows.

Give your plants all that they need for healthy growth and development with the 90+ trace elements and living microbes contained in Ag-Grow Teas. The microbes will go to work, maintaining excellent soil structure and nutrient retention in the soils, maximizing your garden space and producing the best harvests you’ve ever had!

Ag-Grow Teas also work well in greenhouses using drip irrigation or micro-emitters. The teas are filtered to 200 microns, so there is no risk of clogging lines or emitters. The teas can be used in everyday watering, since there is no N-P-K values (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium; the 3 major macro-nutrients used in fertilizer), and will not burn or over-feed your plants. It can even be mixed into nutrient-reservoirs in soil-less hydro-garden systems, ranging from ebb-and-flow to aeroponics.

Add Ag-Grow Teas to your gardens, containers, and everything you want to grow to it’s fullest!

With Ag-Grow Teas, you get healthier soils, and better results.

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