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Commercial farmers and professional turf management personnel understand the importance of cost benefits, inputs versus yield, and the ongoing battle with pests, nutrient deficiencies, and soil structure issues. Depending on your land-use management programs, wear-and-tear, crop rotation, or high-traffic green spaces, these issues may be consuming too much of your time, energy and resources.

Healthy soil containing a living soil food web with the microbes found in Ag-Grow Teas will help to alleviate most of these issues. By following a regimen specific to your crops needs, you will see an improvement in nutrient uptake and fertilizer retention in the root zone. Plants become healthier, and more disease and pest resistant at the root and leaf surfaces. This, with subsequent treatments, will help to reduce the amounts of fertilizer, pesticides, and fungicides applied to your crops and turf. Many vineyards, golf courses, and school districts are already using teas in Washington, Oregon, and California with excellent results.

Ag-Grow Teas are delivered in bulk on-site at your operation. They are transferred to your tanks and mixed at the appropriate proportions with your water. The teas are very dilute, and filtered down to 200 microns, so they will not clog your equipment, irrigation tubing, or even spray nozzles. Teas are great in greenhouses with overhead drip irrigation systems and even soil-less hydro-gardens. In fact, teas are beneficial in conjunction with any current farming and growing practices you are using. Many commercial growers can reduce pesticide and fungicide use to the point, that in conjunction with other practices like no-till or organic fertilizer, they can quickly begin marketing “sustainable growing practices” to their buyers.

The use of compost teas is a technology and technique that has become widely accepted in many areas of the U.S., helping many farmers achieve better results, higher yields, and shift into a growing ‘organics market,’ increasing farm profit. The cost of Ag-Grow Tea treatments is relatively low compared to the increased health and vigor of your crops. And as the soil food web becomes more and more established, you will spend less on costly fertilizer, pesticide, and fungicide.

The healthy soil food web resulting from Ag-Grow Tea applications will also improve soil structure. The unfathomable numbers of bacteria, mycelieum, protozoa, and nematodes all help to break apart clay soils and digest organic matter into humic substrates. This helps with aeration and water retention, and can help to reclaim acres where drainage has become an issue and no amount of tilling or mechanical aeration can break apart the clays.

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