About Ag-Grow Teas

Compost teas have become a widely accepted agricultural practice in many areas of our country and show great promise in northwestern Pennsylvania. By helping to rebuild and strengthen the soil food web, clients can expect to see increased plant health and vigor, giving better results for their current growing regimen. Making plants more disease- and pest-resistant, healthy living soils also improve the soil’s structure, revitalizes troubled areas, and improves both drainage and water retention.

Ag-Grow Teas are 100% safe for humans, pets, and the environment. Lawns and plantings will flourish like never before! This new product is kid and pet friendly immediately following applications, and great for play areas and trouble spots in the yard. Our commercial agriculture and turf management clients can expect to unlock the full potential of their existing fertilizer and pest control regimen.

Ag-Grow Teas has sourced the finest inputs in the nation to create custom liquid “teas” that deliver the power of a living microbial soil boost for anything you are growing; whether it’s your lawn, backyard garden, golf course, or 100 acres or more of agricultural products.

Seth Leslie, founder and owner of Ag-Grow Teas, has spent over a decade studying and working hands-on with liquid microbial teas. Born and raised in Erie Co., Seth studied Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences at Penn State University (B.S. 2004), and then extensively traveled the U.S. while working and studying in several industries ranging from retail, to micro-hydroelectric and small wind turbine installation, to organic gardening. Returning to his home-surroundings in 2010, he’s been hard at work behind the scenes to bring this technology to our area, and make it highly available to the public and commercial agricultural industries.

Ag-Grow Teas is excited to offer this product to anyone who desires a more sustainable, green, and balanced approach to working with the natural ecosystems in your soil, lawns, and plants.

Healthier soil… better results.




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